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Rockmaraton invitation: apply for accreditation to Hungary's main metal festival

Dear NEV,

We’d like to recommend you Hungary’s oldest underground rock-metal festival, the Rockmaraton.

The festival crew wants to invite you to have a f*ckin’ great holiday on a river island in the Danube, with great bands and cool metalheads only.

Why should you come?

·        35 international and 125 local bands – including Phil Anselmo playing a full time Pantera set and Hungarian legends like Ossian and Pokolgép

·       Free camp & beach – you can take a bath close to the stages

·       Beers from 1,75 EUR – there will be happy hours, while you can drink palinka and beer only for 1 euro

·       only 60 km from Budapest -  easy to reach by car & each and every guest of the festival gets to 50% off their rail tickets

·       Weekpass only 60 EUR – but not for you, you can apply for accreditation

If you're interested, you can apply for accreditation here, you can find the festival's press kit here.

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly!

Hope to see you soon, all the best till then,

Andrea Gedeon 
Head of Communication
Rockmaraton Fesztivál

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